Friday, February 15, 2013

Squid Ink Cuisine

Imagine a waiter setting before you a dish of jet-black rice or noodles. You know it’s not burned because it glistens with the juiciness of squid ink. What it does is make risotto and pasta look mysteriously, dangerously exotic. Do you dare give in to the adventure of discovering how it tastes?

It turns pink lips and ivory teeth into a ghoulish black fit for the Halloween Hall of Horrors. Yet, the intensely rich brine of squid ink is like an exquisite liquid jewel of the sea for those whose jaded palates crave a taste out of the ordinary. It is the deep, dark inky secret of the calamari.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seafood is the Best

Sea food, known as food comes from sea collected by human, filled with lots of mineral and calories. Sea food includes mainly as fish item taken form fishermen, some of popular seafood include fish are Jellied eels, Deep fried pomfret, Marinated swordfish, Shellfish,Tuna at a fish market, Salmon roe etc. The nutrients and minerals in seafood helps to improve in brain development and construction of human body.